In Memory Of

Jennifer Davidson


The memorial service will be held in Tacoma, WA on June 17th in the afternoon. Further details will be provided via email after registration.

If you have photos you would like displayed during the service or stories to share for Jenny’s memoir, please email them to [email protected].

About Jenny

Jennifer Lynn Davidson was born in San Diego, California 11/27/1987 and tragically died of suicide at the age of 35 after a month-long illness 05/12/2023. She is survived by her dog Desdemona, two cats Mister Buttercup and Andre the Giant, husband Joh Oso of Tacoma Washington, parents Judy and Daniel Dale Davidson of San Diego, sister Shawnae Nicole Ford of San Diego, brother Ryan Lee Davidson of Reno Nevada, grandfather Dale Davidson of San Marcos California, in-laws, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins and more loving friends than anyone could possibly name or count.

Jennifer attended the following schools in chronological order: Morning Creek Elementary, Rancho Bernardo Middle and High School, Humboldt State University Bachelor of Computer Science, Minor French, and Oregon State University Doctor of Philosophy focusing on the intersection of aging, computer science and health.

Dr. Jennifer Davidson’s work life included a rich history in ice cream (Dairy Queen, Baskin Robbins and the Ice Cream Shop on the quad of Humboldt). She then moved on to her chosen field as an industry user experience (UX) researcher in computer science through IBM (Internship), Intel, Mozilla Firefox, and OKTA with a passion towards creating products that would suit the needs of all end-users, especially women and marginalized populations.

She led a life of service starting in Girl Scouts culminating in her gold award project to create a set of get-well cards for people in her local community not represented in gift shops and Hallmark stores. She delivered her first professional lecture at a medical conference at the age of 16 teaching the chaplains, doctors, nurses and social workers the cultural meaning behind the images on the cards.

Jenny always had a community project in progress, from teaching young girls in interactive workshops about the career opportunities in STEM to rallying local school children to write letters welcoming unhoused people into small temporary houses in her Tacoma neighborhood.

Jenny lived for food and drink; she was known for her child-like love of cheese, potatoes, craft beer, and whiskey. She was a practice squad roller derby player, blocking the track as “PhDerp”. She spent hours playing The New Tetris on N64. She loved music and would take any opportunity to see bands play live.

Her greatest love was the water; it filled up her soul when she got to see the ocean or go for a swim.

She lived her morals and centered herself around community-building and mutual aid. She was first to open her arms to support anyone in need, from lending an ear, giving a hug or providing a place to stay. She knew the paycheck didn’t make the person and treated everyone equally. The home she created with her husband Joh has become a vibrant community of love. She has gone on from this earth but her spirit and joy for life, love, music, travel, adventure, community, service and science will carry on in all those who were touched by knowing her.

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